30 Mar 2007-31 Mar 2007|Noida | Chandigarh

Two students of Amity University cycled to Chandigarh to raise awareness among the citizens to save environment

The two day noble sojourn of 260 Kms from Delhi to Chandigarh started on Friday, March 30 2007 when two students of Amity University- Navkaran Singh and Sahil Seth from 3rd year, B. Tech( Biotechnology) decided to cycle all the way to Chandigarh with a cause to spread awareness about environmental pollution and impending energy crunch.

The two students are of the view that the younger generation, especially in Delhi, is too class conscious and they travel by bikes and cars to show off leading to traffic snarl and pollution. With the usage of cycles and to inculcate a habit of riding, Amity students were definitely a source of encouragement and inspiration for others.

To spread the good word around, the two determined cyclists cycled for about 12 hours daily to reach the beautiful city on Saturday afternoon, with a stopover in Karnal. In Ambala, they were joined by a group of 25 cyclists who cycled with them for about three kilometers carrying banners and posters on saving Mother Earth from pollution.

The testing journey was not able to flag the high spirits and determination of the duo, who got a lot of support from people on the Delhi – Chandigarh highway. But bumpy ride with bad road conditions and a lot of traffic left them dismayed.

The cyclists now plan to take the cause a step further. “We hope other students will join us and switch to pollution free bicycle,” said Sahil.