05 Jun 2007|Noida | Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Introduction to Yoga for Faculty in Amity

Amity Centre for Science and Spirituality has started a yoga session for the Amity’s Directors, faculty and staff for their well being. Mr. Somveer, Yoga Expert had shown different Asans, Acupressure techniques to those who attended the programme. The members who were present had gained knowledge and they are enthusiastic to practise yoga at home.

Mr. Somveer mentioned about the advantages of Yoga and Meditation. He highlighted the curing effects of Yoga for ailments like backache, diabetes, sodalities etc. He said one should do yoga in empty stomach. He advised those who have chronic ailment to be careful before doing hard yoga exercises. etc.

Heads of Departments who were present appreciated the value of Yoga exercises towards improving the productivity of staff.

The next session will take place on Wednesday 6th June at 12.45 P.M. at the same place said Prof. S. Sitaraman, Head, Amity Centre for Science and Spirituality.